Charities 2015-2016

Everybody has their own way of giving back to society. Here at Christ’s we try to accommodate all tastes by putting on a diverse collection of fundraising events.

The predominant way to give is through the Charities Ballot that takes place at the beginning of Lent term. All of college is given the opportunity to give a small amount of money to three different charities that have been voted for by the undergraduate body. We choose a local, a national and an international charity.

This year we are supporting:

Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre

CRCC provides support to women or girls who have experienced or are experiencing sexual abuse, violence, and rape.


Mind is a charity which offers information, advice and support to those suffering from mental illness, as well as attempting to raise awareness and public understanding of mental health.

Against Malaria Foundation

Cited by charity evaluators Givewell and Charity Navigator as the most cost-effective charity in the world, the Against Malaria Foundation distributes anti-malarial bed-nets to sub-Saharan Africa and other parts of the world that are stricken with malaria.
AMF has its administration costs pre-covered by specific donors, so that 100% of the money we donate goes towards buying bed-nets. The distribution of the nets is closely monitored to prevent corruption and mis-use of nets. Finally they have a long-standing commitment to transparency, ensuring every dollar they're donated can be tracked to see the impact that it had, which they publish in frequent reports.
The Against Malaria Foundation is an extremely worthy cause with which the JCR can make a huge difference. In large part due to the AMF, insecticide-treated bednets have prevented 450 million cases of malaria, and can in the next few years work to eliminate this terrible disease.

Aside from the ballot, there will be a variety of events throughout the year to support individual charities. There will be an opportunity for everyone to get involved. Please do suggest events or charities that you think should be supported in an event to the Charities Officer.

Outside of college, Cambridge RAG organises university-wide charity events. To find out more about their events and the latest appeals visit for up-to-date information.

A quick list of some of the things to look out for this year:
• Online charity ballot voting.
• A publicly viewable tally of how much money we have raised.
• Charity Superhalls (Christmas and Valentine’s).
• Blind Date.
• Pub Quizzes.
• Charity Handcuffing.
• Valentine’s Roses.
• Charity Punting.
• RAG Jailbreak.
• Krispy Kreme Doughnut Night.
• Charity involvement in many other JCR & college events- bops, acoustic nights, CADs shows, comedy gigs etc.

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