In College

The JCR organises two Bops a term, just before and just after term. These are a mix between a school disco-y type thing and a club night (the DJing is normally more cheesy as it's done by people in college), where you know everyone there (even if only as that over keen Fresher or scary Marg) and can laugh at the fancy dress and drag. At least half of Christ’s undergraduates tend to go and they are normally very enjoyable! The Margs also organise a Bop around Halloween, which is very similar but packs a rather strong punch, as past attendees will know. There are also other Colleges’ events: Emma Ents are every couple of weeks on a Wednesday and Clare Cellars are widely regarded as a good way to start a Friday night, possibly before heading to Kambar, if you must.

There are many other events which take place inside College each term. The JCR stages Blues, jazz and acoustic nights which allow students to showcase their musical talents, while stand-up events in the Buttery lend the stage to the budding comedians among us. Easter term of 2012 also promises a brand new event which the JCR hopes to make annual. A Ceilidh will be held in the Fellows’ Garden, with traditional Gaelic dancing and festivities to take students’ minds off the stress of exams. College societies also host events, such as CADS (the drama society) which puts on a number of plays throughout the year, and CCMS ( which regularly puts on recitals and concerts.

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