Wi-fi in Cambridge


A wired network connection is provided for all students in their room - you will have received details of how to connect to the internet through this upon arrival in College. Important: not all areas in College have Wi-Fi, and you may have to rely on an Ethernet connection. Some new computers (including new MacBook Pro models) do not have an ethernet port, so you may need an adapter.

Cambridge has two wireless internet systems - Lapwing and eduroam. Lapwing can be used in many departments and other university buildings such as the University Library. Connecting to Lapwing is as simple as selecting the network on your computer - you'll be asked to login with Raven when you first try to browse. You have to login every time you use the service. The University Computing Service has more information on Lapwing.

If you have problems with College IT services, email


Christ's College no longer uses Lapwing, and has moved over to the eduroam system. There are various access points in college including in the Library and JCR (see right), as well as all over the university. It's actually an international system, so if you happen to visit any academic institution which uses it, you'll be able to connect. It's actually better than Lapwing, since you only need to enter your details once and you can use it on that device again and again. However, setting it up is slightly more complicated.

How to configure Eduroam

  1. Unfortunately, this system requires you to find out yet another username and password - your eduroam token.
    Visit this website and log in with RAVEN to discover your password...
  2. Your Eduroam Identifier is your username, and is for most people just your @cam.ac.uk email address. Your Network Access Token is the 16-character password on the right hand side of the page. Write these down somewhere.
  3. For most computers running Windows XP or later, and on Apple products and Android devices, connection is simple. Go to an area where eduroam is available, scan for wireless networks, select 'eduroam', and enter the username and password you've just been provided with exactly as they appear on the above website - you must enter your whole email including the @cam.ac.uk extension as the username, and the 16-letter password as it appears.

    Most new devices can be easily configured just by entering the username and password. N.B. You cannot change this password to something memorable - if you press the 'change' button on the UCS website, you will be provided with a new randomly generated password

    If you have any problems (especially with phones and tablets), UCS has lots of information which can be accessed here, though in most cases the process ought to be very simple.

All being well, it should now be working! If you have any problems, email the JCR webmaster at webmaster@thejcr.co.uk

Also, check out these instructions for printing to the library printers from your laptop - immensely helpful!

Wi-fi in your room

Recently the College has agreed to allow the use of personal Wi-fi routers in students' rooms, which was previously not possible. This means you can connect smartphones, tablets, Kindles etc. to the internet, which is really helpful!

There are a few setup hurdles to jump through, but the College IT Department have provided helpful guides to aid this.

  1. Make sure you read the Wireless Network Policy first
  2. Then these instructions can help you to set up your router.

Before setup is complete you will not be able to connect to the network through the router, even if your computer was previously working (you'll keep getting stuck at the Bradford Campus Manager screens). However, you can still connect by plugging the network cable directly from the socket into your computer. Once IT have activated your router everything should work fine.

There is more information about the use of the internet in College on these pages, which also give the opening times for the College IT Student Support. The guys in there are very friendly, and can usually solve most of your problems. Computer-related, that is...

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