Important FAQs for Students

What do I do if I think I need an ambulance?

The Porters have asked that anyone who believes an ambulance is required contact them before requesting one except in the most desperate of circumstances. They have first aid experience so are able to assist medically, as well as making a more informed decision regarding whether to call 999.

How do I get into college late at night?

The Hobson Street entrance is accessible 24/7 with your University Card. Additionally, the King Street gate is open from 6am to 11pm, but you still need your card to open the inner gate. If you come back after the Great Gate has been locked then you can ring the bell to gain access. Christ's has someone on duty in the P'lodge at all times.

What if we've had a 'big night out' and something goes wrong?

It's important to remember that the Porters are there for protection and welfare purposes. They are not here to tell you off, though I don't advise pointing that out loudly in First court after your 'big night'. If there is a problem they can help. If it is a 'vomiting incident' ensure that it is cleaned up and reported.

Can I book rooms in college?

Rooms for meetings can be booked, free of charge, from the Porters. Rooms such as guest rooms are again booked through the Porters but a charge will be applied. If you are seeking accommodation outside of term then contact your Tutor, who will arrange something for you. Again, a charge will be applied.

Where can I get copies/printouts in college?

There is a photocopier in the library which you pay for with your University Card - you can also email scanned documents to your Hermes for free using this machine. If you want to print a file then there are printers in the computer room and the library. You can print from your PWF account to which you can add credit using a debit or credit card.

When can I get into the Fellows' Garden?

During Michaelmas and Easter Terms, the Fellows' Garden is open from 12- 4 pm weekdays. During Easter Term, the garden and swimming pool are open during daylight hours, the garden often being used as a place for study.

How do I get something mended?

Contact the Maintentance Department using the Fault Reporting system at If it is very urgent, contact the Porters.

Why do I have to see my tutor each term?

The point of the tutorial system is to check on your academic progress as well as your mental and physical welfare. As tutors often write references for students, it is worthwhile getting to know them personally; they are all friendly people. Tutors also issue exeats, which is permission granted to be away from college during the year.

How do I amalgamate a club or society?

To amalgamate a society under the JCR, you have to bring a proposal to a JCR Open Meeting including a written constitution. If the student body approve this proposal, you can become an amalgamated club and may gain access to JCR funding.

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