Privacy & Cookies

In compliance with the EU regulations on the use of cookies on websites, this page is to inform users of about the use of cookies on this site.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small packets of data that are stored by a website on your computer. They enable settings and user information to be stored from visit to visit, allowing website designers to provide a better user experience.

What cookies do we store? stores two types of cookies; some cookies are set by the Content Management System which we use (Drupal) to remember preferences about the site's layout. Other cookies, called session cookies, remember your user details for the duration of your visit while you are logged into the site, and are deleted on logout.

What other information do we store?

In addition to these cookies set by us, we use the University Computing Service's Raven Authentication Service to allow you to log into the site. Your username and password are sent directly to the UCS server to facilitate login, and are kept separately from your account on From time to time on the site, we may capture your CRSid using Raven, for example when filling in a survey, voting, or buying tickets to an event. These events will always be marked and we will tell you before displaying CRSids publicly. Your account on contains only basic information about your year group, international status and gender, in order to allow voting in the relevant elections. This information is provided by the College Tutorial Office and is never displayed publicly.

We also store any information you submit using a form on the website. Examples of this can include the Rooms Database, Address Book, elections and surveys. The information is kept on our database server hosted by the SRCF and is not publicly accessible. Your use of these services is optional and the information to be displayed publicly will be clearly marked when filling in any form.

If you have any questions about this policy, contact the webmaster.

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