Rooms Database: Information for Freshers

Congratulations on your offer! We're looking forward to welcoming you to Christ's College in October, but before you arrive, you'll need to make choices about where you'd like to live.
Christ's College has many different buildings whose rooms vary in style, size, age and price. This brief guide, along with the information you should have received in your welcome pack, should help you to decide where you'll be living in October. The guide is arranged in the order you walk through college, so you can get a sense of where things are located.
You can also click on the names of the courts and staircases to go to the Rooms Database - a compilation of comments from many current students about their rooms. Not all of the rooms will be available to you, but most rooms on a staircase are similar, so you should be able to get an idea of what the rooms are like.

First Court

There are no first year rooms in First Court; many Fellows have rooms here and there are also rooms on the Scholars' Ballot (for 2nd or 3rd-years who got a First the previous year). The Porters' Lodge, Library and Buttery (bar) are located in First Court.

Second Court

Staircases C,D & E

As well as the Fellows' Building (A&B), Second Court houses C,D and E. These are some of the nicest rooms in college, in an older building but recently renovated and modernised. Most are en-suite and the rest have bathrooms close by. They are on the top end of the price scale, but the extra does get you some more luxuries. This area of College tends to be quite quiet, and is home to Upper Hall (the canteen) and the Fellows' Garden.

Third Court

Staircases R, S, T and V

The Stevenson Building has spacious rooms with period features such as wood panelling; bathrooms and kitchens are shared on each staircase. The bottom of Staircase V houses Fellows' rooms, with student accommodation on the upper floors.

W & Y Buildings

Either side of the Stevenson Building, W and Y are where a large proportion of students live. The ground floor of Y is college offices, and you'll be visiting here a lot in Freshers' Week! The rest of Y and all of W is student accommodation. Most rooms are very similar and quite large, with bathrooms and kitchens at the end of each floor. W and Y are very social places to live, and you'll make a lot of friends quickly. The rooms here are on the mid-to-lower end of the price scale.

New Court

The newest part of College, New Court was built in the 60's, and most Cambridge colleges have buildings of a similar age and design. New Court is home to the Yusuf Hamied Centre, which houses the JCR and TV Room (student common areas), Function Room, gym and squash courts.

Staircases 1, 2 and 3

All three of these staircases are identical; refurbished in 2008 all rooms now have an en-suite bathroom. Although quite small, all are equipped with large desks and the rooms are very comfortable. Kitchens are shared in small groups and are equally modern and well-equipped. These rooms make up some of the more expensive available.

Staircase 4

Tucked away behind 1, 2 and 3, Staircase 4 houses some of the most modern accommodation in College. Most rooms are en-suite, with some sharing bathrooms between two, and nearly all of the rooms are quite large. Many third years live here along with some second and first years.

Hobson Street Gate

Located around the car-park at the back of College, this area has many different rooms.

Staircases P and Q

Staircases P and Q are near the back of College, and home to a relatively small number of students from all years. The main laundry is underneath P. They are among the cheaper rooms available, and share bathrooms that connect to both staircases.

Staircase X

Staircase X used to be a private home before it was acquired by the College. There are nine rooms here, some of which, although on the cheaper end of the price scale, are quite large.

Todd Building - Staircases Z and Za

The Todd Building used to be Cambridgeshire County Hall, but has quite recently been renovated and updated. The ground floor is home to more offices, with accommodation on every floor. Rooms are modern and large with kitchens and bathrooms shared with about 3 other people. Z Annexe (Za) is an addition to the Todd Building which features more modern rooms, but can be difficult to find your way around!

Hopefully this quick guide will help you in making your choices. Don't forget to explore the rooms database to find out what other students have said, and if you have any more questions that we might be able to help with, email the Access Officer.
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