JCR Open Meeting

Hi all, great to see so many of you at the pub quiz last night! As lots of people will know already, the Open Meeting last night has been postponed until Tuesday at 7pm so we can get more people there - apologies for scheduling it too early in the evening yesterday for most people to make it.

The motion about removing the positions of women's officer and welfare officer and replacing them with a women's welfare officer and a men's welfare officer will involve changing the constitution, so we need 50 PEOPLE in the buttery on Tuesday night. We'll also be discussing budgets and creating several societies.

Could every society please try and make sure there's at least one representative of their society at the meeting to answer questions about their budget if necessary, and could everyone who's free PLEASE COME AND BRING THEIR FRIENDS, as the issues we're discussing are important to everyone in college (and we'll provide free sweets as extra motivation!!).

For anyone who's considering applying for the JCR next year, there'll be a discussion with current JCR members about applying/what their roles involve after the meeting.


Charlotte Higgins
JCR President

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