Get Involved

Christ's students are involved in a wide variety of fundraising and volunteering activities. If you'd like to get involved have a look at the information below or contact the Charities Officer. Also contact us if you'd like to publicise charity events you are organising.

Campus Children’s Holidays

Campus Children’s Holidays is a student-created, student-run charity that’s been operating for over 40 years. Every year, the charity provides free residential and non-residential breaks for children in the Liverpool area who are in need of them. Some come from families affected by alcohol abuse or have witnessed violence at home or in their neighbourhoods, others are young careers, and they all suffer from poverty. Campus’ holidays are an amazing opportunity for them to enjoy outdoor activities, to make friends in stable environment, and just to enjoy being a kid for a bit.
Like me, the volunteers who make these breaks happen are mostly Cambridge students (or ex-Cambridge students – once they’ve started doing Campus most people can’t leave!) who help on the camps for a week at a time. I know from experience that it is such a rewarding experience for the helpers as well as the kids – it’s overwhelming to help a kid ride a bike or go swimming for the first time in their lives. Volunteers are also the Campus trustees, making the important decisions and taking responsibility for fundraising, inviting kids on the holidays and running the whole charity. Through fundraising events and exec meetings Campus also has a strong social scene in Cambridge.


Medsin Cambridge is a student-body network that is involved in acting against global and local health inequality. Our focuses this year are: healthcare in conflict (Michaelmas) and politics in health (Lent). We host fundraising events (including charity formals), organise talks and promote volunteering opportunities in the UK and abroad. Our Projects Team have expertise to advise you on how to choose, organise and fund your international summer volunteering placement. We also have peer-reviewed project database about other students’ volunteering schemes that members can access. In addition we have contacts and support local charities in Cambridge, Contact Catherine Bi (cjb241) or Alisha Chauhan (ac781) for more details or visit

Cambridge RAG

Hi, I am Joe, this year's Christ's representative for Cambridge RAG. RAG puts on some of the biggest events in Cambridge, which give students an opportunity to have loads of fun AND to raise money for some fantastic causes. There are loads of ways you can get involved with RAG. The bigger events are advertised all over Cambridge and attract hundreds of people: last year, more than 2000 people were involved in RAG blind date, and in November, 76 people hitchtiked their way back from Nuneaton (with some getting helicopter rides along the way) as part of Lost! There are also weekly Raids, where you can take to the street with a collecting bucket (and fancy dress, if you like) to collect for charity. You can also win prizes for Christ’s! Finally, if you want to get more involved in RAG, then you can become a college representative (some colleges have 5 or more!). The main commitment is advertising RAG events within college but you can also organise charity events within college. You can find more details about any of these on the website: or get in touch with me (jh795) if you have any questions!

Save the Children Society

The Cambridge University Save the Children society works to fundraise for and raise awareness of the global Save the Children charity, to support its humanitarian work across 120 countries. Save the Children works to combat childhood poverty and disease, protect children’s rights and provide access to education. Find out more here: In previous years, our fundraising activities have consisted of bake sales, college-wide doughnut speed-eating competitions, blind dates, street collections and more. Last Michaelmas term, fundraising was focused on supporting the Syria Appeal, supplying emergency aid to the 6.8 million people displaced and in need of help as a result of civil war. A total of £550 was raised in those 8 weeks, and this money has gone twice as far, due to the UK government’s pledge to match every pound donated via NGOs such as Save the Children. If you are interested in getting involved in a few of our events or keen to take on a more organisational role as part of our committee, we’d love to hear from you! Chair: Ciju Puthupally.
Committee members from Christ’s college : Isabel Wilkinson (iw248) and Nunu Tao (nmt26) (Contact:

Student Community Action

Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m one of the committee members of Student Community Action. We’re a charity that places students in local volunteering opportunities. We run lots of different projects so there is something that would suit everyone (for example, you could become a ‘big sib’ to a disadvantaged child or you could help tutor someone learning English as a second language, to name just a few of our projects!). I really love volunteering with SCA: it's such a nice break from uni life and so rewarding! If you want to know anything more about SCA or the different projects, don’t hesitate to get in touch (het28).

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