Access - Shadab Ahmed

Email: access (

Hi, I’m Shadab and I’m the Access Officer here at Christ’s.

My job is to make Christ’s, Cambridge and Higher Education more accessible to all students who are considering applying to university, no matter what their background. As everyone’s circumstances are different, it is vital to tailor support to each specific need, so please do contact me if you feel there is anything that can be done to make applying or visiting easier for you.

As Access Officer, I work with both staff and students to provide as much of an insight as possible into life here at Cambridge, whether that be academic, social or just new found independence through short residentials or visits.

Working with the admissions office, we conduct various school visits, as well as college and university open days that take place throughout the year. I also work alongside student mentors when we invite sixth-form students to Cambridge for the CUSU Shadowing Scheme, to ensure the experience will be as helpful as it possibly can be.
One vital aim is to ensure all the information that reaches students is accurate, and that myths about Cambridge are not propagated. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to send me an email.

Speaking to current students is the best way to find out about student life at Christ's, as well as at Cambridge University in general. This is a crucial part of Access, so do get in touch if you would like to volunteer for any events or school visits.


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