Catering & Facilities - Jared Ndisang


Email: facilities (

I’m Jared, a third year natsci, passionate about Christ’s, and your Catering and Facilities Officer on the JCR!
I’m especially crazy about food and how it brings people together: some of the best moments in college are in Formal, and Upper Hall is a great way to come together after a long day at labs or in the library.
It’s my job to make sure everything is running smoothly in both Formal and Upper halls, and to act as a mediator between students and the catering department. If there are any requests you have, please do let me know!
I’m also responsible for ensuring the JCR, TV room, gym, bar and other college rooms are enjoyable places for students to spend time, and ensuring we get the best out of them. Again if you have any suggestions for improvements to facilities or any JCR-funded projects, do please get in touch!

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