New - Address Book

This year we have an exciting new feature for to announce - an online Address Book of everyone in college, accessible by all students to find each other quickly and easily. Everyone will have a contact card initially with their name, Hermes email and year group, and when you first visit the page you'll be prompted to fill in more personal info - Facebook address, email, college room and phone no., etc. All of this is entirely optional, but we hope people will be happy sharing these details within our close community.

New website design has a new design. The overall structure of the website, and page URLs, have not changed, but the look of the website has been updated with an aim to making the experience clearer and more focused. We hope you find it cleaner and more enjoyable to use! If you have any problems using the website, or notice anything that looks wrong, please contact so it can be put right.

Hermes Email Scam

We have just been made aware of an email scam going round Cambridge email addresses. It says that your Hermes account has been marked for termination and asks you to click on a link to a non-Cam website to reconfirm your account.


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