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Staircase A
Staircase A is in the Fellows' Building in Second Court. There is only one student room in this staircase, which is reserved for the JCR President. They move in after the Michaelmas elections.
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Third Floor
Band 2-4
Cat C
En suite
Comments from 2013
  • Size: Large
  • Storage: 2
  • Light: 4
  • Heating: 4
  • Noise: 5
  • Bathroom: 5
  • Kitchen: 4
In the room:
  • Sink
  • Lamp: 2
  • Desk: 1
  • Table: 3
  • Chairs: 10
  • Clothes storage: 2
  • Bookcase: 2
  • Plug sockets: 4

In the kitchen:
  • Microwave: 1
  • Hob: 1 electric
  • Fridge between 1
  • Cupboards poor
Absolutely amazing room, very large as it was built to be a Fellow's room. There is a large main room, smaller bedroom, ensuite and kitchen.
Living in the Fellow's Building is a little bit isolated from other students, also there are many stairs.
Gorgeous room, really loved living there.

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