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Hippolytans Application Invitation



The Hippolytans, founded in 1979, is Christ’s Women’s Sporting Society, uniting and supporting talented sportswomen throughout college and aiming to promote and encourage female sport within college.


However this is not just a sporting society; this is a group of young sportswomen who also like to engage in a spot of wining and dining with Cambridge’s finest male talent.


At the end of term we will be offering the opportunity for new members to join. If you are interested in joining please email the President, Miranda Pottinger (, by 6pm on **MONDAY 25TH NOVEMBER** with the sport(s) you play in and out of college, any positions you hold within those teams and a few sentences on why you would like to be in the Hippolytans and what you can add to the Society. It would be extremely helpful if applicants could roughly detail the number of both league and cuppers matches they have participated in and the approximate time commitment of your sport(s).


To qualify you need to play at least two cuppers sports or participate in sport at university level. However, if you don’t meet the requirements, please do still apply; each application will be individually considered by the committee. We are aware that several college sports indicate more commitment than others and similarly participating in certain university teams carries more weight. Please note that if you have previously submitted an application and been unsuccessful we will automatically look at it again unless you let us know otherwise.


If you would like to know more or have any questions please email Miranda at or have a chat with any of our current members.

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Marguerites and Hippolytans Bop 2013

Friday 1st November at the Grad Union

Tickets on sale in the bar Tuesday 22nd and Friday 25th October, 8-9pm. Limited numbers available, first come first served and you can only reserve for you + 1, so get there early! Tickets cost £9 and get you entry and unlimited drinks, plus music from Sophie and Emma.

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