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A season to remember, and a finals day approaches…

Pool is an odd little sport, few people treat it as a sport at all and those who do tend to see it more as a hobby anyway. Looked down upon by other teams such as the football club, and in the past made of a small group of friends unable to branch out, the Christ’s Pool club has had a.. quiet history. This season all this was to change. With now termly College tournaments, and 2 teams made with a mix of a few experienced players and some brand new ones, the club was in a good place at the start of the season. The second team has since then demolished their division, winning 6 games out of 6 with a great selection of freshers and a couple of 3rd years pulling in the wins every now and then. An unfortunate loss in the Cuppers for them meant there was no Christ’s 2 vs Christ’s 1 matches this year. In college, the Tournaments have been a great success with ~50 people playing in the first 2 terms, and 2 new names on the trophy. Costa, and Tim both deserving winners. Only the doubles tournament remains, and I myself still am yet to secure my name on the trophy. The first team has got over the poor performance of last year and began the season with 3 wins in a row. Compared to last years 7 losses in a row this looked to be a cracking start. We have since continued the good form and are now in the Semi Finals of Cuppers and in a Champions of Champions match from leagues 1A and 1B having won our division. We look to finals day on the 11th with excitement, anticipation and also having seen Robinsons form this season, a little bit of dread. Either way though, this year will be seen as a great season for the Christ’s Pool club, and hopefully next year will see continued success.

Posted on April 28th, 2014 by in Pool