Christ's College Sport

College Colours

The College Colours reward exceptional contribution to College sports in a sporting or non-sporting capacity, rewarding both excellence and contribution. They are decided upon by a committee of all the sports captains on an annual basis. Anyone in College is eligible to receive an award, with approximately 12 people each year being selected. The award recognises cumulative contributions and achievements, with most recipients being in their final year.

College Colours 2014/15

George Lord, Lawrence Xu, Liam Flynn, Matthew Parker, Lawrence Clare, Pete Howarth, James Bartram, Louise Whittington, Harriet Baker, Christina Goodall, Emma Wilding, Isabel Wilkinson, Naomi Sharp, Grace McGregor.

Presidents: Joseph Hooton and Emma Wilding


College Colours 2013/14

Adam Kuo, Molly Avery, Chris Bennett, Emma Snook, Zara Reid, Rebecca Masters, John Beckett, Anna Pugh, Charlie Douty, Megan Wilson, Alex Clark, James Hoad, Claire Mitchell, Joseph Hooton, Elodie Broad

Presidents: Matt Brown and Megan Wilson

College Colours 2012/13

Jimmy de Jonge, Matt Brown, Miranda Pottinger, Tom Howell, Emilie Besse, Ishan Shah, Owen Morgan, Alex Platts, Nathan Hudson-Peacock, Amelia Southgate, Beth McGhee, Ilana Goodman, Alia Ardron


College Colours 2011/12

Matt Coneys, Dan Smith, Bex Hutchinson, Alice Taylor-Bennett, Michael Heaton, Fergus Kulasinghe, Charlotte Jeffreys, Hannah O’Kane, Charlie Bridge, Rose McNeill, Simon Morris, Ziad Khreisheh, Jonny Bassett

Presidents: Graeme Cade and Lucy Griffin



College Colours 2010/11

Jon Anderson, James Pearson, Alex Greehy, Dave Simpson, Alex Moynihan, Graeme Cade, Lucy Boulding, Lucy Griffin, James Harper, Mike Upton, Topher Hockey, Cameron Johnston, Charleen Chan, Laura Wharton

Presidents: Harry Bardon and Sabrina Bezzaa

College Colours 2009/10

Flo Wolfe, Chloe Hole, Kyle McLoughlin, Chris Blake, Leland Burns, Fran Knight, George Watson, Lizzy Trevor, Jo McGrath, Dom St-George, Gianluca Consoli, Sabrina Bezzaa, Lucy Guile, Harry Bardon, Rachael Stubbins


College Colours 2008/9

Alexandra Bryant, Duncan Bull, Richard Duncan, Charlie Ferguson, Simon Martin, Nikhil Shah, Minh Hoang Tran, Paddy Wildin, Esther Gordon-Smith, Andrew Maddox, Penny Theusen, Nick McLoughlin, Charlotte Trace, Dan Hawkes, Sammy Jones


College Colours 2007/8

Matt Stanton, Mike Gardiner, Andrew Nowell, Rob Newman, Ben Blyth, Joe Harris, Jack Eyre, Chris Worley, Simon Bartle, Stephen Harrison, Guido Dacie-Lombardo, Cat McIntosh, Anna Brooke, Katie Thornton, Mary Bjorkegren, Pippa Hammond, Lara Anderson, Eddie Surtees


College Colours 2006/7

Becky Jarvest, Emily Barker, Emma Gilroy, Emma Laithwaite, Josie O’Donoghue, Lexy Docwra, Sarah Kahn, Steph Hampshire, Ben Wildblood, Charlie Heron, Danny Longman, Dave Kirby, Fraser Murray, Harry Bacon, Joe Marwood, Jonny Thompson, Julius Lim, Paolo Natali, Piyush Mahapatra, Stephen Montgomery, Will Allan