Christ's College Sport

Basketball: Christs vs Queens

Result: 55 -21

Promotion decider. The champions of league three take on league two losers Queens for the right to play in the higher league next season.

Only a few short days notice was given that this game would be played at all and it was understandable therefore that both teams arrived somewhat under-prepared due to unwarned players making other commitments. Unfortunately for Queens, they coped worse with this test of dedication and were only able to field three players for the most important game of their season. Our squad meanwhile was near full strength following the heroic last minute sign up of the gigantic John Burke. This mismatch gave us a certain degree of confidence as tip off approached.

Queens quickly enlisted two freelance players that fortuitously happened to be in the sports hall at the time and the game got under way. As play started however, we quickly realised that all five of the queens players were playing in the guard position, leaving acres of space around the baseline into which Lee and Berg expertly played the rest of the team with some beautifully weighted and angled passing. With our defence also suitably adjusted to neutralise Queens’ guard overload, we soon pulled out to a comfortable lead that would remain for the rest of the match.

To be fair to Queens they grafted well throughout what proved to be a very fast paced game and did eventually find their groove towards the last quarter, enabling them to salvage a respectable score. However, our superior work rate and organisation, combined with some impressive skills from Wong, Nelson and Lee, proved too much for them to handle on both offence and defence as the whole team showed the form that had gotten us to that play off.