Christ's College Sport

Basketball: Christ’s vs. Selwyn

Result: 44-21

The last league match of the season was to be played against basement dwellers Selwyn. After last weeks convincing win against Downing, we could be forgiven for feeling confident. In fairness to Selwyn though, they showed good ball movement and competed well for rebounds, allowing them to create many chances that would have made the match a much closer affair had their shooting not let them down.

For our part, our good ball retention had carried over from last week. This combined with some seemingly unstoppable fast break drives from Lee gave us an early lead. On the defensive end, Langevin put in a commanding performance at centre although our rebounding was occasionally lax, allowing Selwyn’s average height forwards to pick up a few. Special mention also goes to Doughty struggled admirably after being thrown in at the deep end trying to defend their agile point guard.

Towards the end of the second half, good game control from Berg, Lee, Gruslys and Nelson allowed us to build up a bigger lead. Lee and Nelson especially posed such an attacking threat that Selwyn resorted to routinely fouling them as soon as they even thought about shooting. This regularity even gave Foulkes the confidence to make an uncharacteristic drive to the net, safe in the knowledge that he wouldn’t have to actually shoot until he was sent to the foul line.

The final score of 44-21 sees us crowned the undisputed and undefeated champions of league three.