Christ's College Sport

CCHC vs Corpus Christi

Result: 1-3

After cycling through hell and back, with hail violently lashing our faces and lightning burning through the sky, we arrived at Wilberforce Road to find the team playing before us sheltering in the clubhouse. Rowlands blindly and recklessly knocked over an innocent pedestrian with determination to reach the pitch intact, and others narrowly escaped being crushed after a tree outside Robinson was felled by lightning. After a 30 minute delay, we were able to start the game, on the wet and slush-lined pitch.

Corpus started with only 8 men, with their other players obviously lacking in courage to brave the elements to reach the pitch. Energy levels were high, maybe just to prevent the onset of frostbite, and we were able to make use of our extra space. With Howell back commanding the attack, we pressurized their defence, with their only escape being to smash the ball up our end and hope. Jagessar dealt the first blow, with a powerful shot from the top of the D sailing past their keeper. Chances were few and far between though, with one other shot passing inches over the crossbar and unfortunately we were unable to capitalise on our numbers advantage, with the half finishing 1-0.

Due to the late start, three members had to leave for College Colours dinner, but thankfully, due to our impressive turnout of 14 players, were able to continue with a full team. Tennyson provided some great options on the right, and opened up play for Flynn on our strong side. Corpus somehow had 3 men turn up, including one solid University player, swaying the game into their favour. Despite attacker Hasan making his debut as centre back, somehow Corpus were able to find space in our D, and clawed back 3 goals in the second half, and we were unable to retaliate. Christ’s were awarded a short corner in the closing minutes, the only one of the game, yet it did not prove fruitful. Final score Christ’s 1, Corpus 3. Man of the Match: Roden for some great skills and relentless effort. Other notable performances: Howell for his greatly missed control and ability to get round any player as desired. On the whole, a much better start to the term than in Michaelmas, with hopefully good things to follow for the CCHC.