Christ's College Sport

CCHC vs Corpus

Result: 0-1

We came to face Corpus, underestimating them completely. A late push back due to their keeper pulling out at the last minute led to a shorter match of 20 minute haves, but this did not work in our favour. Corpus were only able to field a team of 8, against a strong turnout of 14 for Christ’s. Yet, as the match began, Corpus had won a short corner in the first 2 minutes. We pushed back at them, but somehow we were unable to find the space we needed, and our passes were intercepted before we were able to drive the ball into their D. Their attack was strong and skilful, and soon they were able to slot one in.

Our play improved in the second half, and we seemed to want it more, but it was not to be. Corpus kept on making breaks past us, winning several shorts, yet they were unable to put any more away, thanks to a strong effort from Rowlands in goal. Final score: Corpus 1, Christ’s 0. Man of the Match: Rowlands for his excellent first appearance in goal.