Christ's College Sport

CCHC vs Emma

Result: 3-7

Today’s match really was one of two halves. We arrived to find Catz in a condition reminiscent of an ice rink, with many of leaving the match with bleeding knees having slipped and fallen frequently. This hindered our game drastically, robbing us of all our agility in tackles, and making even only a slightly inaccurate pass unreachable. We set off lacking a bit of get-go, despite playing much better than in last week’s game, and Emma were able to slot four goals past us due to getting a few lucky breaks past our slightly-too-high defence. We were able to claw back one goal, yet at half time the scoreline was not looking favourable.

In the second half however, we really did step it up a gear, and played some of the best hockey I have seen this season. We were able to find space and put Emma’s D under pressure, and we had many more chances than they did, but they were blessed with a  strong defender who always seemed to be in between Christ’s shot and the goal. Winning a short corner, Douty pushed high and took a slap at goal, which was knocked away by the keeper, only to be spectacularly struck back into the goal mid-air by Xu. A further goal was to be scored by Christ’s, with which Emma answered with another three goals, all great shots from the edge of the D which Bennett was unable to reach despite his excellent performance. The game drew to a close with the score for the second half being only 2-3: unfortunately we were unable to match the pace and performance of the second half in the first half, and the overall score did not reflect the level of hockey on show.

Final score, 7-3, Man of the Match: Flynn for his excellent use of space and exemplary work rate. Other notable performances: Rowlands for strong performance at left back on his first out-field appearance, Roden for great play holding the midfield, Durkin, Bennett, Xu… the list goes on as everyone had a great game.