Christ's College Sport

CCHC vs Emmanuel

Result: 2-8

We always knew Emma would be a tough match, and had prepared well with a big team bonding session at Club Dinner the night before. Feeling completely refreshed from the night’s activities involving Das Boot, 11 men turned up the the Leys energised and ready to go. The play was fast yet the ball seemed to be heavier than usual, and the Leys astro was of the more sticky variety, inhibiting our movement. Emma were strong, yet unable to match our enthusiasm and pace, and before they knew it, Simsek, in a remarkable return to form, scored our first goal from the far post. This was later topped by Daley’s goal, and at this point Emma did not know what had hit them. They retreated to the safety of our D, and our defence kept their attack busy for the rest of the game, much to the amusement of Rowlands. Solid performances all around from Christ’s, final score: Emma Not Very Many, Christ’s 2. Man of the Match, Mama Roden, for ensuring Flynn got a good night’s sleep before the match.