Christ's College Sport

CCHC vs Jesus II

Result: 1-3

Another game where the CCHC faced stiff competition. We knew that Jesus II would be good, however we gave them a good run for their money. Following on from last week’s strong performance, the team was keen to face up to Jesus. In the first half, we were unable to offer the options we needed, and the play was slightly claustrophobic. However, we were soon able to find some space, and put some pressure on Jesus’ defence, with Roden  and Hasan up the left wing. Disastrously, due to an oversight by Clark, a short corner was awarded to the opposition, and they were able to strike and score the first point. Christ’s then conceded a further goal from yet another short corner, but then struck back with a solid counter attack. This resulted in some fine play up front, with Hasan lifting the ball just over the keeper’s right foot into the back of the goal.

At half time, the score was 2-1 and all was to play for. Christ’s earnt a short corner, and Xu’s  strike was met mid-air by a defender’s stick, deflecting the ball into the goal. However, whilst proving controversial at the time, this goal was disallowed, as the first strike was headed for way above the backboard. Douty briefly suspended his partnership with Clark in central defence due to an ankle injury, yet was to rejoin soon after. With only minutes left to play, Jesus took another opportunity, and although the first shot was successfully blocked by Habib Bedwani, like many other shots, the opposition scored the final goal. The final score was 3-1, yet the goals conceded did not acurately represent the performance of the team. Man of the Match: Hasan for his stick skills in attack, and debut goal for the CCHC. Other notable performances: Durkin in left defence, Roden as ever in midfield, and Habib Bedwani in goal.