Christ's College Sport

CCHC vs Jesus II

Result: 2-5

A cold and wet start to the season, yet Christ’s braved the weather with an impressive turn out of 15 men. Jesus “II” turned out to be stronger than expected, with a couple of talented players up front. Christ’s were slightly disorganised at the start, and lacking the get-go, allowing Jesus to put 2 goals past us in the first half, despite Bennett’s best efforts with his first appearance as goalkeeper.

The second half looked like it might continue on from the first, following an unfortunate own goal by Clark, yet, just when the rain started to intensify and we thought our heads may drop, ┬áChrist’s upped the ante, and won a short corner. Xu’s impressive strike hit Jesus’ backboard with a reassuring ‘clunk’. Soon after, Brown put a second goal away, from another short corner. For almost all of the final third of the match, the attack relentlessly put Jesus under pressure, with the ball barely leaving their half. But our start-of-season fitness levels could not match the increase in work rate, and Jesus slipped their final two goals past us. The final play saw Christ’s attack a short corner with 10 men, however we were unsuccessful in securing a third goal as the whistle blew. Final score Jesus 5, Christ’s 2. Man of the Match: Fresher Roden, for his determined effort in attack, solid short corner stops, and support back in defence. Another notable performance was Tennyson in defence.