Christ's College Sport

CCHC vs Pembroke

Result: 5-0

The final league game for the CCHC was against Pembroke. Half of our team showed up ready to start, and things were looking worrying. We started playing with very loosely defined positions to make up for the shortfall, yet somehow held on to most of our structure. We were able to seek out the space and use it, as did Pembroke with many ‘squaerials’. All the players seemed to be in either one half or the other, as we capitalised on the space and pressurised the Pembroke D. Occasionally Pembroke got a break, or were able to aerial it down the field, yet this was often batted back by Hudson-Peacock and Roden in a manner resembling another ball-and-stick sport. Tennyson was solid in goal, and was able to charge down a lone striker, and prevent the shot. As we tired towards the end however, Pembroke took the chance to strike, and slotted the goals past us. Despite strong play from everyone, driving the ball up the left and right wings, we were unable to retaliate. Final score Pembroke 5, Christ’s 0. Man of the Match Clark, as voted for by the rest of the team, as this would be his final league appearance for the CCHC. Other notable performances were Tennyson in goal, Simsek and Hudson-Peacock for some very close shots on goal, and Roden for holding the midfield.