Christ's College Sport

CCHC vs Queen’s-Homerton

Result: 1-1

Today was one of our best performances so far this season. With a pool of 18 players available to play, it got competitive and for the first time this season, not everyone could get a game. Queen’s-Homerton, despite recently merging, showed up with only 6 players, and with our squad of 14 we felt certain we would dominate. Yet somehow, due to an unfortunately timed University Squanderers Old Boys match just before ours, they were able to nab 3 spare players, and play without a keeper.

We started off with great intensity, driving the ball up the wings and putting pressure on their defence. The work rate was high, yet initially we were unable to find the space that we should have had. Habib Bedwani made his CCHC debut in goal, yet was left relatively untroubled due to our tight marking in defence. Passes were hard and fast, and once we found space we were able to make the lives of the opposition difficult. Xu took the opportunity and netted a goal for the CCHC, startling the Queen’s defence.

The midfield kept up the pressure, and made some great passes round the back from left to right to fully utilise our number advantage. At one point we gave away a short corner, yet we were able to pressurize the Queen’s striker and prevent a shot on target. We continued to drive the ball up their end, yet in the final minute they made a break towards our end. Despite Douty’s tight marking, their striker somehow dived and got a shot from top D, and to everyone’s astonishment equalized. Final score Christ’s 1, Queen’s-Homerton 1. Man of the Match- too well competed to decide, great performance from many, especially Roden, Flynn, Douty and Brown.