Christ's College Sport

CCHC vs Queen’s

Result: 0-1

Once again, the weather was not kind to us, with heavy rain and wind hampering play. Having had the treat of watching Jesus take on Catz fighting for the top spot in division 1 before our match, we hoped to continue the standard of play. Queen’s were worthy opponents, and we were quite evenly matched, however in the first half we struggled to put any goals past them. Queen’s defence was bolstered by a strong centre back, who intercepted many of our passes. There were many crosses into the D, yet no sticks in the right places to convert them into goals.

Our new 2-3-2-3 formation seemed to be working well for us, with half-backs Flynn, Burstin and Sargent working tirelessly with centre Douty to push forward, yet also provide support in defence. In a striking change of events, Queen’s got a break and cleared the ball from their D, sending it down to us. In running back to defend, Queen’s won a short corner from a foot, which they converted into a goal. Eager to respond, time was not on our side, and despite a big push, Christ’s were unable to retaliate. Final score, Queen’s 1, Christ’s 0. Man of the Match: Douty  for his solid work as centre.