Christ's College Sport

CCHC vs St Catz II

Result: 2-2

Christ’s came out to face Catz II with an attitude of a team wanting to win at any cost. From the start, we put them under pressure, camping out in their half. Like the Big Bang, space was seemingly created from nowhere, and Catz were on the back foot from the start. The press was high, and defensively we had all bases covered, with BennettDoutyRowlands and Clark keeping the Catz attack at bay. They were not giving up however, as Catz won a short, and scored with a fluke flick to the top of the backboard. Christ’s were quick to respond, figuratively speaking, as we pressed hard up their end, yet Xu managed to score the slowest goal ever, sneaking casually past the keeper.

Not happy with a draw, Christ’s continued to fight, with Roden controlling the midfield play and opening up options for attack. For what seemed like a good 5 minutes, the ball did not leave their half, culminating in a goal by Flynn after disrupting a clumsy Catz defence. The half ended with Christ’s in the lead by one goal, yet we all knew that this was not enough to secure victory. Catz returned with fury, and for a while it seemed like the tables had turned. Winning a short, Habib Bedwani  and Bennett successfully batted away the first few strikes, yet it seemed to be third time lucky as Catz finally equalised. Our heads dropped slightly, and Catz were now pressurizing our D. Capitalising on winning shorts from foot fouls, Catz had several more chances, yet these were all thwarted by Habib Bedwani, including one particularly spectacular dual-fisted defence of a first-shot flick at head height. The momentum picked up, and we persisted, yet the 20-minute halves inhibited our ability to fully take advantage of the tiring Catz defence, and the game ended on a draw, 2-2.

As said by many, today was probably the best we have played as a team this season, and whilst Catz were a strong opposition, we were unlucky not to get the win. Man of the Match: Habib Bedwani for some truly epic saves, but also very well played from the team as a whole- we really came together as a unit today, pressing together, attacking together, defending together. Other notable performances were Flynn for tirelessly committing to the workrate, Douty for the robust tackles we have recently missed, and Roden for keeping the midfield alive.