Christ's College Sport

CCHC vs Trinity

Result: 3-5

After the huge storm that supposedly battered Cambridge this morning, thankfully there were no fallen floodlights or trees at Wilberforce Road, as Christ’s faced the newly amalgamated Trinity-Fitz team. Somehow, the largest college in Cambridge had been struggling for numbers last year, and decided to collaborate with another sizeable college. This may have worked to their advantage, as whilst Christ’s could just about field a team on an awkward Monday afternoon, Trinity had a full bench of subs.

Despite their greater quantity, Christ’s seemed the more quality team, but got off to a poor start. Trinity slotted in a goal in the first two minutes, and racked up a further two goals before Christ’s had their game heads fully screwed on and were ready to retaliate. And retaliate we did. Simsek claimed what has become his signature finish of a goal off the far post, and our spirits lifted. Trinity were hot on our heels, and with a firm press attacking Christ’s sixteens, were able to strike back with another goal. But in the second half, our relentless attack on Trinity began with Roden holding territory at the top of ‘D’ whilst being given options by Daley and Simsek, and further reinforced by Brown and Xu in the midfield. Goals from Brown and Simsek followed, in between well-defended short corners, of which we should have been awarded many more.

At this point, a few key players’ departures left us with only 10 men on the pitch, yet this was not at all obvious as Christ’s were still firmly putting the pressure on Trinity. Just when we thought an equaliser was in the bag, Trinity broke through and scored the final goal of the match with 45 seconds to go. Final score: Trinity 5, Christ’s 3. Man of the Match: Simsek for his movement and fortunate positioning up front. Notable supporting performance from Jagessar on the sidelines due to injury.