Christ's College Sport

Christ’s 1 vs King’s

Result: 4-1

The final match of the term, against a King’s side to had also won all matches so far. The maths was simple; win and we secure promotion to division 2. But with a uni-2nd-team player as their seed 1, we were expecting a tough fixture.

Jack and I played first, and what followed were some long, long sets with some huge swings in momentum to each side, and a hard fought battle to reach a tie-break in the doubles. But despite this, we left with a 2-1 lead and hoping that Michael and Max could repeat the same feat. Fortunately they could, clinching a tie-break win in their doubles match, and Max securing the victory by seeing off the King’s captain 7-5. Alas, Michael was robbed the opportunity against the 1st seed by illness, but I have no doubts it would have been another win in Christ’s favour.

That concluded the Michaelmas league, and we finished with a 100% record. Perfection! Division 2 awaits us next year, but the coming Lent term sees the start of cuppers.