Christ's College Sport

Christ’s vs Trinity

Result: 0-3

It was an interesting game from the 1sts today. We had shot ourselves in the foot somewhat by being unable to play a no.1 or no.2 seed which meant we were already 3-0 down in the score against Trinity, forfeiting both singles and the 1 & 2 doubles.

There were some positive responses though. Bartram and I played an epic doubles match. We won the first set in style 6-4, after being down 3-1, with The Ram putting in some dainty drop shots and cute volleys. I went for my old but trusty technique of hitting to the backhand volley of their fatter player. Both tactics proved effective. However, they rallied in the second set and stormed ahead 6-1. The championship tie break in the third was truly epic. After being down 7-2 we managed to hold off FOUR MATCH POINTS (showing mental fortitude Djokovic would have been proud off) and take it.

Sadly, despite a valiant singles efforts from both Ian Armstrong, whose slightly shaky goundstrokes couldn’t quite match his relaible, big hitting serve, and, 1st team debut member, no.6 Sam Hare we lost. Sam put in a great shift but couldn’t quite find the result against a consistent opponent who proved difficult to beat.

Bartram, after his doubles heroics in which he was the more consistent of our pair, bottled his no.4 singles. After handing out a tasty bagel to his opponent, a 6-0 drubbing, in the first set there was a bizarre turn and he received a breadstick, 6-1, to chew on. This time the championship tie-break went against him and he is sadly becoming known as a one set specialist.

I won my no.3 singles against a sinewy opponent who, in both appearance and playing style, due to his impressive leaps and nimble foot-speed, resembled a mountain-goat. I won the first comfortably 6-3 but he refused to be ground down and it went all the way to a tie-break (7-4) in the second set for me to claim the scalp.

Ian and Sam sadly also lost their doubles as impatience proved their undoing. Note to them both, do not try to hit a winner every time though, in fairness, they both came up with some spectacular shots including a slice lob from Ian.

Overall, we lost 7-2 which isn’t great and are sitting joint bottom of the league. A must win game next week which I hope we can put out a really strong team for.