Christ's College Sport

Cuppers: CCHC vs Caius

Result: 3-2

The CCHC won their first game this season today against Caius. The game, however, truly was one of two halves; never before have I seen such a contrast in our play. Due to various factors such as one of the keeper’s shin pads going AWOL, and Brown slightly worse for wear, playing hockey whilst recovering from flu, organisation was a bit awry at the start. Luckily Xu kept the team in check and led the warm-up.

Caius’ general standard was average, yet they had a couple of strong player who drove the ball down the centre, leading up to a great strike from the top right of the D inside the far post, which not even Habib Bedwani could save. Despite Howell’s command over midfield, we were choked for space, and lacking organisation in both attack and defence, yet Roden struck back and equalized. Fierce to retake the lead, Caius capitalised on one of our 16-yard hits, and won a short corner, which they subsequently scored from. Half time score: 1-2.

At half time, we refocused our energies as a team from the umpiring to playing well as a team. BurstinDaley, and Grisbrook opened up space down the right side channel, and the tables turned. The play became a lot more fluid, and suddenly Caius were seriously having to worry about what was going on. Howell spectacularly converted a short into a goal, and we were once again level. With the pressure now on Caius, they started to buckle, and Howell executed his classic reverse shot, which was deflected into the goal by Xu. The last 10 minutes were fiercely contested, with the ball seemingly continuously going off for a long corner at our end, yet we pushed through and won the match. Final score 3-2. Man of the Match: Brown for pushing through the match, playing as great as usual, despite almost passing out. Other notable performances: Burstin for robustly defending the right hand side, and the great play we have come to expect of Howell and Roden.