Christ's College Sport

May Bumps, Day 1: W1

Result: Got Bumped

Stroke: Naomi Sharp, 7: Cath Aitchison, 6: Sonja Weigl, 5: Julia Payne, 4: Erica Neissner, 3: Grace McGregor, 2: Kate Williams, Bow: Alice Sackville-Hamilton, Cox: Emily Jones


We went into the race today knowing that it would be quite a tough row against a strong headwind, but determined to give it everything we had. Our row to the start was one of the best so far, excluding some slight equipment malfunction. Both our starts were very solid, which set the mood up nicely for the race.

At the cannon, we went off hard and carried out our start sequence perfectly. We settled effectively onto a solid rhythm, and quickly got the first whistle on Emma W1 in front. Taking advantage of this, we pushed into them for ten strokes, and were rewarded with the second whistle as we came up to First Post corner. Nick called to us that the gap had narrowed to a third of a length as we raced into the corner. However, Emma pulled back some ground as they entered the gut, and by Grassy corner we were back on station. We raced the corner well, holding our finishes out as planned, but Emma had increased their lead to two lengths.

Our pushes down the Plough reach brought the power back up, but lacked some of the length that was needed to really bring up the boat speed. Caius had some good pushes behind us, and had made up a lot of ground by the time we reached Ditton. As we turned into the corner they were approaching overlap. They fought well and got the bump soon after, despite a valiant push from the whole crew as the headwind started to bite onto us.

Although it is never fun to get bumped, we had a good row and were generally proud of our performance today. We look forward to getting back out there tomorrow!