Christ's College Sport

May Bumps Day 2: M1

Result: Rowed over

Stroke: John Beckett, 7: Matthew Parker, 6: Chris Bennett, 5: Jimmy de Jonge, 4: Richard Steele, 3: Lawrence Clare, 2: Elias Lehtonen, Bow: Patrick Perryman Owens, Cox: Rose McNeill

We had a fairly decent row today, but after a bumpy corner round grassy we lost focus and fell back from Clare. We were unable to make up the ground we had lost and ended up rowing over the course. This was especially painful given how much effort we put in during the first three minutes. Overall not a bad row though, so no-one was unhappy with our performance. We have Pembroke ahead of us tomorrow as Clare bumped them under the railway bridge, and a Kings crew chasing us, so we’ll have to give it some serious shtick in order to do well.