Christ's College Sport

May Bumps, Day 2: W1

Result: Got Bumped

Stroke: Naomi Sharp, 7: Cath Aitchison, 6: Sonja Weigl, 5: Julia Payne, 4: Erica Neissner, 3: Grace McGregor, 2: Kate Williams, Bow: Alice Sackville-Hamilton, Cox: Emily Jones


We came back today with determination. We had confidence in our start, knowing we would have to go off hard to have any hope of bumping Caius back. We had a great row down with no distractions this time. We were allowed both our practice starts, which we executed well; then we had some strong paddling to our station.
Again we had a strong start with the cannon, although we took longer to settle into our rhythm. Caius pulled it together and, with a much better start then yesterday, started to pull away from us. At First Post Corner, Emma bumped Pembroke. This happened so close to Caius that they crashed. We had a refocus to make the most of this, getting two whistles though unable to close the gap any more.
Coming through the Gut and down Plough Reach we were not rowing our best rhythm. Calls from Nick and Emily to ‘row our full length’ helped get some of our technique back. At this point we were roughly on station with Caius, with First and Third about the same behind. Coming round Ditton, First and Third started to move in. They got their whistles down the Reach and despite a hard fight, finished the bump near the Railway Bridge.
We pushed hard and started well, which was always our aim. Tomorrow we’ll return, keen to have another go at bumping back.