Christ's College Sport

May Bumps, Day 3: W1

Result: Got Bumped

Stroke: Naomi Sharp, 7: Cath Aitchison, 6: Sonja Weigl, 5: Julia Payne, 4: Erica Neissner, 3: Grace McGregor, 2: Kate Williams, Bow: Alice Sackville-Hamilton, Cox: Emily Jones


Once again, like yesterday, we set out for today’s Bumps with the plan of going off hard from the start and bumping back. Rowing down to spin we had two great starts off the Railway Bridge and at the Plough, getting the power and speed up quickly and settling on to a good rhythm. With the confidence of these two starts we prepared ourselves to give everything we had right from the word go.

Off the cannon we got a good start, maybe slightly scrappier than sometimes, but we still got the power in the water and pushed the boat onwards. We settled well, hitting a good rhythm that gave us time to prepare for each stroke. Coming up to First Post Corner we got our first whistle and had a big push. Down the gut we brought it down to 3/4 length, but we never quite got the two whistles.

We fought on around the next few corners, but FAT managed to regain some ground, and racing round Ditton Corner they had pulled out to two lengths away. With a push called to get back on to station Lady Margaret W1 started to make their presence known as they began to pull up behind us.

Down the Long Reach we fought an epic battle, Lady Margaret continued to gain on us, but no-one in our crew was going to make it easy for them. Some truly great steering from Emily got us away from their bows and gained us some extra time, as we powered on down the Reach with Lady Margaret about a foot off our stern. Coming around the small bend in the Reach there was almost overlap, and our kill bell sounded from the bank, to which the whole crew responded with an enormous push, the boat speed picking up and freeing us from the grip of LMBC for a few seconds. However, LMBC responded with an even bigger push and gained back the ground and the overlap, finishing the bump just before the Railway Bridge.

I don’t think any race report can do justice to the effort and fight put into today’s race – it may not have been the result we hoped for, but none of us could have given any more than we did. Tomorrow we’ll be going out even more determined and with even more fight, ready to take on whatever the day may throw at us.