Christ's College Sport

May Bumps, Day 4: W1

Result: Bumped

Stroke: Naomi Sharp, 7: Cath Aitchison, 6: Sonja Weigl, 5: Julia Payne, 4: Erica Neissner, 3: Grace McGregor, 2: Kate Williams, Bow: Alice Sackville-Hamilton, Cox: Emily Jones


After 2 days of believing we could bump back and not succeeding we went into the final day of racing a little more subdued and prepared for the long haul.

We got a good start and settled into a good strong rhythm down to first post, holding in the finishes and rowing well down the gut. Around Grassy and down the Plough Reach we got our first and second whistles. Spurred on by this gain on Maggie we grabbed hold of the opportunity and pushed on together.

On Ditton Corner Nick gave us our third whistle and with a great line from Emily and a concentrated push from the crew as one the kill bell shortly followed. We gave absolutely everything we had to the kill move and got the bump that we had all wanted so much just out of the corner – YEAH W1! Cue overjoyed celebrations (after clearing – of course) including Nick being so thrilled that he jumped in the boat!

A bump has never felt better – to experience three days of being bumped when the crew is rowing well and giving their all just doesn’t seem fair, and so to come into day 4 and bump back a good crew in the top 10 of Division 1 really is something special. Well done to everyone, you’ve been an amazing crew and a joy to captain.