Christ's College Sport

Queens’ Ergs

Result: NM1 - Crew Average 1:39.2 per 500m

This was the first taste of inter-college competition for the novice rowers this term and all four crews rose to the challenge. As usual the adrenaline was flowing, the music was pumping and the ergs were roaring as hundreds of novice rowers came to Queens’ College sports hall for the annual 500m indoor rowing relay that is Queens’ Ergs.

NM1:  A solid performance from the crew, all smashing their previous 500m records and finishing on a crew average of 1:39.2. This puts us firmly in the middle of the men’s 1st novice crews. Unfortunately we didn’t make the final but remember boys ‘ergs don’t float’ – there will be plenty of time to destroy crews on the water, where it counts.

Special thanks to Darren Valentine for subbing in at the last minute.

Nothing makes you smile like a 500m erg!

Nothing makes you smile like a 500m erg!