Open Meeting

There will be an open meeting on the 1st February at 7pm in the bar,
followed by a charity pub quiz at 8.30pm. Motions should be submitted to
Nick Hall (vp@thejcr.co.uk) by midnight on Monday 28th January.

Parents' Dinner 1

Bring your parents along to Formal Hall for this special event, the first of three this term.

If you've booked in, now go to www.thejcr.co.uk/seating to reserve your seats before Friday 1st February, 10am!

Nineties Bop

It was the time of curtain parted hair and neon tracksuits. We watched Rugrats and Fresh Prince on the telly and waited for an hour for Windows 95 to turn on. The biggest world conflict was Blur vs Oasis and the closest thing we had for a pet was a Tamagotchi.

They were the glory days. But do not fear my friends because for one magical night only we shall be reliving them in TRUE BOP STYLE!

So dress up as your favourite Spice Girl, Baywatch David Hasslehoff or even Bananas in Pyjamas...and come down to the Function Room from 9pm for a nostalgic night featuring:


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