Christ's Films

The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Christ's Films

A newly engaged couple inadvertently stumble into the bizarre world of Dr Frank-N-Furter - A Christ's Films favourite.

Dredd at Christ's Films

In a future, post-nuclear America, Mega City One occupies the entire East Coast. Overrun with violent criminals, the only order is enforced by the Judges, who have the powers to act as judge, jury and immediate executioner. Dredd (Karl Urban) is tasked with ridding the city of the latest threat, the drug "Slo-Mo". With his trainee Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), he must travel 200 storeys to face drug lord Ma-Ma, but can he bring her to justice?

Dredd is showing at Christ's Films in the Yusuf Hamied Theatre, Saturday 19th January, 7.30pm and 10.00pm.


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