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Michael Collingwood

Michael Collingwood

Michael Collingwood

Freshers Rep


I’m Michael Collingwood, a first-year engineer and the male fresher’s representative for 2017/2018. 

When I came to Cambridge, it was immensely different to Devon both physically and socially. In fact, the work was the only consistent part! Maths is maths. My intention is to familiarise freshers with the new university life, and to add spice. Hopefully, we can give freshers a great start and heading in the turbulent transition period.

There are so many opportunities to meet people, experience the new and improve on yourself. I want to ensure every fresher gets their fill to put them in good stead when acquaintances become close friends and experiences become great memories over the course of university life.

If anyone has any questions about the fresher life, please email me at